Nancy's Notes

Design Philosophy

City Girl is expressive clothing for the young at heart.

With her customers always in mind, designer Nancy Bolen is inspired by what real women want to wear. Made of easy care, easy wear fabrics, the collection is a unique blend of colors, textures and exclusive prints paired with sophisticated embroidery and appliqués. The look is designed around the jacket with layering pieces and skirts or pants.

The woman who wears City Girl by Nancy Bolen wants to make a statement when she goes out. She enjoys shopping for a special occasion and wants to look feminine and fashionably coordinated.

Nancy doesn’t let the trends dictate. Instead, she analyzes what’s going on in the market and comes up with her own interpretations of what works for her customers. Nancy’s number one priority is picking the best color palette that will make the woman who wears City Girl clothing feel pretty and happy.

Wearable Art

What makes the City Girl collection unique is its attention to eye-catching detail—multi-colored embroidery, beaded accents, stone treatments, one-of-a-kind trims and and an interesting mix of textures and patterns that create the City Girl look.

Our customers appreciate the unique details that make each piece a “collectible purchase.” While other manufacturers avoid quality embellishment because it requires tremendous handling, our approach is to make each piece a true work of art.